Views of Hamburg
Photos by Jörn Scheer

Hamburg in 1680 (Elias Galli: Hamburg seen from the river Elbe, 1672)

 Hamburg on the River Elbe 2007

Harbour warehouses (Brooks Canal, Harbour City)
The old warehouse district
Bridging the river (Köhlbrand Bridge)
The Alster - a lake in the city (view from St. Peter)
In the XIXth century (by C. Suhr, 1830)
Hanse Mall
Sillem's Bazar (1848)
The City Hall (view from St. Peter)
The city government (Mayor's Hall in the City Hall)
Sillem coat of arms at the city hall façade (Photo: Hans-Wolff Sillem)
New arts (Gallery of Contemporary Art, with Cube Hamburg by Gregor Schneider)
Advertising art
Ar(t)chitecture (Office building at Deichtor Gate)
Hamburg's Symbol (St. Michael's church)
Hamburg's old fishing village - Blankenese (Süllberg)
A senator's mansion (Jenischhaus im Jenischpark)
This is Hamburg, too (Alster valley, Wohldorf)
A traditional family name (Foto: Hans-Wolff Sillem)
Vineyard on the harbour
Historic Senate's barge (Schaarhörn, built in 1908)
The Freedom of the Seas
Old Hamburg
Hamburg, a tourist destination
Martin Garlieb Sillem's mansion (1761-1835) (Photo: Hans-Wolff Sillem)
A popular wedding church (Nienstedten)
A cold Winter (Teufelsbrück jetty)
Central Bus Terminal (near Central Station)
  Hamburg countryside
A quiet ending 

Design & Fotos © Jörn Scheer (2007)